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Playworks Arizona

Nearly all discipline-related problems in school occur during lunch and recess. Instead of going back to class energized and ready to learn, the kids return to class upset and unable to focus. Playworks can change this. Recess should be fun and energetic and safe and inclusive for everyone. When recess becomes a healthy, integral part of the school day, kids carry that positive experience with them beyond the playground. On Playworks playgrounds, everyone plays, everyone belongs and everyone contributes to the game. Playworks Coaches encourage kids to bring out the best in themselves and each other, and kids learn the value of fair play, compassion and respect to create leaders. Children run their own games and settle their disputes quickly (rock-paper-scissors is the ultimate problem solver) because getting along is more fun than fighting. They carry that feeling of peace and belonging with them into their classrooms, back to their neighborhoods and out into the world.


  • 97 percent reported an increase of students engaged in healthy play
  • 96 percent reported an increase in the level of participation in academic activities
  • 98 percent reported that students increased in physical activity
  • 92 percent of administrators, teachers and support staff want Playworks to return next year